There’s just a day to go in the American elections and the result seems clear.  Barack Obama is six points ahead in the polls and is leading in all the key states.  He looks and sounds like the President already.  His mixed race and global understanding will give him real stature in the world.  His appointment will send out a strong signal of a wise and resurgent America.      


His opponent, by contrast, is looking increasingly like Mr McGoo – bumbling, out of touch and outshone by a much more charismatic, if somewhat flaky running mate, with whom he has ‘differences’.  ‘We’re both mavericks and mavericks don’t always agree.’  Well, that’s as may be, but it helps if the candidate and his running mate were singing from the same hymn sheet.  If ever there was a symbol of America in decline, McGoo is it. 


The republican candidates are being undermined by two unlikely figures.  Tina Fey gives such an amusing and convincing impression of Sarah Palin that it is difficult to one ends and the other begins.  Sarah is palin’ into Tina and they both have expensive wardrobes. 


And McGoo is too preoccupied by the privations of Joe the Plumber to sound very effective, especially when it turns out that  Joe is really Samuel J. Wurzelbacher and stands to gain by President Obama’s proposed tax cuts.  Joe the Plumber has spawned a host of republican friends,  Tito the Builder, Jack the Hunter, Ed the Dairyman, Christine the Florist, Bill the Bricklayer and Clare the Cook.  It just needs Noddy, Big Ears and Mr Plod the Policeman to turn up and we will have a full house but no president.


McGoo’s campaign has always been about make believe. Let’s stop the charades, get the election over and focus on the real threats.