She’s sexy, she’s sassy, she’s funny, she’s tough and she’s totally committed;  Sarah Palin is one hell of a woman.  I’ve just watched the whole of her speech on You Tube and I think I’m in love with her.  What an inspiring performance!  It had the rhetoric of a preacher, the timing of an actor.  Her joke about hockey moms being like pit bulls with lipstick may not be the most amusing,  but the delivery was perfect.  And she was so brave!  She stood up on an empty stage in front of millions of people; poised, eloquent and totally confident.    


Her speech was so well crafted.  First she made a direct appeal to the emotions by introducing her family.  Her smiling husband, Todd, is a fisherman and champion snowmobiler,  ’We met in high school and he’s still my guy, after 20 years.’  They have five children; Track, her eldest, a soldier about to be sent to Iraq,  Bristol, 5 months pregnant and due to get married to her body friend,  Willow, Piper and little Trig, who has Down’s Syndrome.  Then she talked about her career as Mayor of Wasilla and then Governor of Alaska.  She described how she cut the expenses of the governor’s office, the Lear jet, the chef, the chauffeur, and diverted the money to the people.  She told how she broke up the oil company’s monopoly’s, stopped congress spending money on a bridge to nowhere,  ‘Thanks but no thanks!’,  and encouraged more drilling for oil on Alaska’s north slope. 


She compared her ‘lack of experience’ with Obama’s,  ‘Well, I guess you could say I too am a kind of community organiser, but at least I have responsibilities.’  The point went home.  She continued to portray the democrat candidate as an appeaser, a negotiator, more interested in his own self image than the American people.  ‘He’s drafted two books of memoirs but not a single piece of legislation.’ 


I couldn’t have believed could have upstaged Obama after his performance last week, but she did it – ‘even without the Styrofoam Greek pillars.’  The message hit home;  Barack Obama is more aware of his place in history than leading the American people. 


‘The world is a threatening place right now,’ she went on.  ‘Russia has invaded Georgia, Al-Qaeda are planning more attacks on America.  What America needs is a leader.  And there’s only one man who has the experience, the courage and the determination.’   She delivered a powerful, resounding endorsement of Senator John S. McCain, describing his heroism as a prisoner of war in Hanoi, and his determination to be a maverick in the senate, fighting for what he believed was best for America.  But when McCain appeared at the end of her speech, he looked a bit like Mr Magoo, ‘Duh, was that about me?’


Nevertheless, Sarah Palin may have won him the election, but let’s make no bones about it, if she has, it will be Sarah Palin who is running the country.  McCain is 72 and well, he looks and moves, he thinks and speaks like grandpa!  He has had heart trouble.  Even if he survives for a second term, will he be physically and mentally able to lead the country?  He is already no match for Obama in a televised debate, but Palin is.  Palin has the balls and the energy to make a very effective President.    


But I am worried about this gun-toting, tough-talking small-town housewife turned Governor of Alaska.   She appears to see threat everywhere.  Maybe being sandwiched between Canada and Russia gives her that perspective, but is America really on a war footing?  Dick Cheney is currently on a tour of the independent states bordering Russia.  He has been trying to persuade Georgia to join NATO.  America has agreed with Poland to install a missile defence system on their territory.  The language between America and Russia is becoming ever more bellicose.  Vladimir Putin has interpreted America’s provocative actions as a politically motivated manoeuvre to favour the republican candidate.  I must say that seems an entirely reasonable assumption.  And haven’t the Americans forgotten that it was Georgia who first invaded South Ossetia? 


Palin criticises Obama for wanting to talk to Russia, to understand Al-Qaeda, to negotiate with Iran.  ‘There is one word that the democrat candidate never mentions except when he talking about his own election and that word is victory!’   Obama comes across a shrewd, but tough negotiator.  Palin just seems dangerous. Which of the two would make the world a safer place? 


No, Mrs Palin, this is not the time for tough action.  America is not at war, and to behave like the bully in the playground and threaten to beat everybody up can only foment resentment and onflict.  The world is nervous.  We need a steady had on the tiller.    Europeans look to America to use their power and influence to create a stable collaboration with Russia, China and the Gulf States that will encourage a focus on the major global issues that affect us all, like climate change, recession and terrorism.  Obama is our man.  His ability to weigh up complicated situations and his multiracial credentials make him the perfect choice – not some gun(g)-ho hockey mom from red-neck Alaska .    


Let’s not forget,  Iraq was an enormous error.  Saddam was undoubtedly a tyrant, but perhaps Iraq got the leader it deserved and should have been allowed to sort their own problems out.   My deep concern is that part of America, the small town, rural,  I’ll-not-let–go-of–my–gun-until–you- prise-my-cold-dead–fingers-from-the-trigger part,  might just get the leader they deserve. And heaven help the rest of us.     


Mrs Palin, you are a beautiful, inspiring woman, you gave everyone there in Minnesota a wonderful night, but I fear your need to be adored makes you provocative and so-o-o-o dangerous!